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Our Favorite Sex Toys

The sex toy industry is a $15 billion one, with 50 percent of women reporting that they tried their very first sex toy in their 20s. This isn’t just great news for companies who are constantly coming up with the next best sex-related toy, but great news for humanity: we’re becoming more open-minded about sex toys as a society — and about trying out all different types of products.

There are literally THOUSANDS of brands and sex toys. What’s Your Favorite?

Greetings From Cheney, Kansas!

Welcome to Intimate Tickles & My Favorite Product Page!

Although I love ALL the products in our Intimate Tickles catalog, these are the top 5 products that I hope you will take a look at...
    Scents: Be Original (formerly Original) - An alluring array of vanilla, orange blossoms, and gardenias, with a hint of velvety powder freshness. Frosted Cake- A sweet as sugar indulgence to t... Read More
    My Husband and I both use this product for shaving anywhere we need to. I'ts great for his face in the winter because it helps moisturize his skin and facial hair to help prevent flaking from dry skin

    Coochy Shaving Creme $30.00

    Treat your skin to a nourishing blast with our botanical body oil mist. Infused with soothing extracts and ultra-hydrating moisturizers this multi-purpose oil absorbs instantly for a soft, satin finis... Read More
    This not only is a great moisturizer but it is great for repelling bugs when outdoors! I don't go camping without it.

    Coochy Body Oil $19.00

    FLIRTY FEET FOOT POLISH- PEPPERMINT 8 oz- This sexy scrub has an invigorating texture that polishes up feet, making them feel irresistibly smooth and soft. Scented in sweet peppermint and infused with... Read More
    This foot polish is fantastic it really helps remove the old skin. Then top it off with the foot lotion and your feet will feel silky soft all day long. Fliry feet even helps on cracked splitting feet

    Flirty Feet Polish $22.00

    Imagine the look on someone’s face when you give them just a bath bomb for a gift and when its done fizzing a capsule pops to the top with a beautiful necklace inside. This would make a per... Read More
    These are beautiful sterling silver and real pearl necklaces that come inside these huge bath bombs. This is a great gift for a special occasion!

    Intimate Tickles Signature Bath Bomb with Pearl Necklace Inside $51.00

    This masculine cologne combines with your body’s chemistry to create your own individual sexual scent. Infused with pheromones to intensify sex appeal & attract the opposite sex. Wear I... Read More
    This cologne will make any man smell amazing!

    Pure Instinct Man $27.00